1. Introduction

  2. § 1

    1. Pro-Natural Sp. z o.o. is the proprietor of residential premises in the buildings owned/co-owned by the Company.
    2. The list of premises mentioned above is available at www.ekskluzywnenoclegi.pl
  3. General provisions

  4. § 2

    1. Pro-Natural Sp. z o.o. offers premises mentioned in § 1 pas.2 for rent for residential purposes only. The list of furniture available in the premises is available in annex no. 1 to the rental agreement.
    2. The agreement between the Company and the Tenant is concluded upon booking the premises specified in § 1 pas.2 and paying a deposit to the Company’s account, for remuneration for using the premises. Should it turn out impossible to provide the Tenant with the premises specified in the booking on the date set as the beginning of Tenancy due to reasons beyond the Company, the Company shall undertake to provide the Tenant with other premises of equal standard, and if that is impossible, or the Tenant refuses to accept the alternative premises, the Company shall repay the entire advance payment, or the entire price paid.
    3. The company shall provide the Tenant with these Terms and Conditions prior to concluding the agreement, and in case the agreement is concluded upon statement forwarded in electronic form, the Terms and Conditions shall be presented to the Tenant in such a way as to allow storing and reading them in the ordinary course of business.
    4. The Tenant may withdraw from the concluded agreement through cancelling their booking via email or by phone. In case of cancelling the booking seven days prior to the deadline set as the beginning of the rental, the deposit paid shall be refunded in full amount. In case of cancelling the booking less than seven days before the date of the rental, the deposit shall not be refunded.
    5. The company does not provide food or transport to the premises, although it is possible on the Tenant’s request and at their expense, to provide them with a means of transport, catering and other custom services.
  5. General provisions

  6. § 3

    1. The Tenant is required to pay the remaining price for using the premises no later than upon check in to the premises. The price includes the cost related to rent, central heating, supply and consumption of power, water, and sewage disposal, as well as use of the parking, Internet, TV.
    2. The transfer of property to the Tenant and the beginning of Tenancy takes place on the day specified in the booking as the starting date, by an authorized Company employee, handing over the keys to the premises. The Company may refuse to hand over the keys to the premises, if the Tenant has no ID document, is under influence of alcohol or drugs, or behaves aggressively.
    3. The Tenancy ends on the day specified in the booking as the final day of the Tenancy. On that day, the Tenant is required to hand over the keys to the premises to an authorized Company employee no later than 12 noon. The acceptance of the premises takes place after the premises have been inspected by the Company.
  7. Final provisions.

  8. § 4

    1. The Company is not responsible for damage or loss of items left in the premises, which belong to the Tenant.
    2. The Tenant is responsible for damage to the premises, damage or loss of things and items belonging to the Company and included in the premises, as well as the loss of the keys to the premises, received from an authorized Company employee.
    3. Organizing any kind of parties, including events in the premises subject to the Tenancy is prohibited under pain of the Company terminating the agreement without prior notice and the Tenant having to pay a contractual penalty of 1500.00 PLN, unless the Company provides written consent.
    4. The Tenant is required to comply with curfew which lasts between 10PM and 6AM.